carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Soft floors are cleaned using vacuum cleaners to remove loose dirt and debris. We also clean carpeted stair areas using approved carpet cleaning products. Stains and spillages are initially blotted as much as possible using the appropriate cleaning materials.

Carpet Cleaners

If a stain remover is used, our carpet cleaners will carry out testing on a selected area to ensure there are no adverse reactions before carrying out any cleaning services of the affected area.

Substances which can be difficult to remove, such as tar and chewing gum are also dealt with as quickly as possible to avoid permanent damage.

Cleaning Service

Team Contract Cleaning Services offer a deep carpet cleaning service using hot water extraction. This is the only cleaning method nearly all carpet manufacturers and carpet fibre producers recommend to ensure a clean carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Machinery

Our expert carpet cleaners are not limited to carpeted areas. We also cater for large commercial floor space utilising the latest floor cleaning machines which are capable of cleaning and polishing large areas.