clean office thanks to our office cleaning team

Office Cleaning

We provide all types of office cleaning services for the modern office environment, from floor to hand height. However if a cleaning service is required above hand height, this can be easily arranged and carried out in compliance with current health and safety legislation by our experienced cleaners. We can fulfil all your business cleaning needs.

Cleaning Services

All areas within the office are covered by our office cleaning services:

  • Office cleaning includes dusting, vacuuming, washing down, mopping and sweeping.
  • Toilet cleaning includes basins, showers, baths, splashbacks and mirrors.
  • Kitchen cleaning includes basins, worktops and kitchen door units

Floor Cleaning

Floor cleaning is carried out using mixed fibre mops which are immersed in the appropriate cleaning solution. Care is always taken to ensure the solution is measured to create the correct concentration.

Additionally, brushing and vacuuming is performed, paying particular attention to corners. Great care is taken to avoid damaging flooring materials.

Business Cleaning

Mechanised cleaning is also performed using standard speed polishing/scrubbing machines, combined with the appropriate cleaning solution delivered by spray gun.