Cleaning Services offered

Our cleaning services range from daily office cleaning to window cleaning, carpet cleaning, decoration, minor repairs, initial deep cleaning and removal of rubbish.

All staff vetted

In accordance with our company policy, all cleaning staff are thoroughly vetted before being employed by Team Contract Services to ensure the highest levels of security before entering our client's premises.

Supervisory Service

We also operate a highly successful supervisory service, where supervisors are constantly on the road to respond quickly and efficiently to client's issues. This system allows us to respond to any of our clients issues within one hour.

Staff Development

Although we believe our staff to be some of the finest operatives in the industry, we positively encourage all work colleagues to take part in cleaning staff development. This results in operatives, who are highly motivated towards their own development and improvement, as well as placing the needs and satisfaction of our clients above all else.

Janitorial Supplies

As an additional service we also offer vast range of janitorial supplies to our clients, making the procurement and supply of cleaning duties a one stop operation.